Dynamic Visual Identity
Parametric Logotype Structure


To design an identity for a corporation that develops and manufactures high-precision equipment.


The Marine Instrumentation Corporation unites large groups of companies and research institutes that create automated control systems, navigation equipment for surface and submarine ships and hydroacoustic systems. A brutal identity for the corporation that helps establish a strong and recognizable image was developed in the studio.

Vertical elements hint at a ship lantern and ship camouflage.

The logo is complemented by a descriptor rendered in large type, which declares seriousness and reliability.


To design an identity for a company that assembles and sets up equipment for a large concert venue overnight, installs a wide channel of a dedicated line there, shoots and organizes a complex multi-stage stream, etc etc.

Khutko Concept

We live in unstable times. Standing in one place is an unaffordable luxury. The consumer quickly gets tired of boring static stories, and forgets easily.

It's hard for a brand to be faceless and aloof. Conservative communication does not get a response from the consumer.

Companies can easily be emotional and hint at a human face.

Corporate identity has long been able to afford a dynamic story. While we were in school, MTV played with its identity at full speed.

This approach has many advantages. It is convenient when the logo itself is already like a constant, endless advertising campaign. It's convenient when the style of the company is fixed as a meme.
It's convenient when everything seems to be the same, but changes all the time and flirts with you.

01 — Logotype.

Each element of the logo has a unified square shape.

Squares will help you easily assemble new collages from logo elements.

A square is a sustainable experience. Solid and stable structure.

02 — Square shapes and objects.
Man likes to make things that are square,
or at least rectangular.
02A - Unified dimensions
for each element in the logo.

infinity of options

Corporate identity is arranged as a simple and understandable constructor. Any constructions can be assembled from blocks.

The changing logo illustrates the services in detail and at the same time works as an image advertising.

This system is very easy to use. Based on a set of clear rules, almost anyone with good taste will be able to assemble new designs for new situations and tasks.

03 - An endless collage of goodies and services
quickly design a video for a plasma in the waiting room,
or a publication on social networks.

Easy services updates

The design and features of the corporate identity will make it easy to change or add new services directly to the identity in the future.

Templates with variations of animations will make it possible to constantly wink at the audience with the help of an identity.

04 - Any new service
will easily fit into the overall structure.

Stable and agile

05 - Simple logo communication.

Despite the capacity of the letters in the logo, they easily beat the speed from their name. They quickly arrive, unpack, work out the plan, pack up and leave.

A simple animation of the text part of the logo helps to identify the company's service sector.

Due to the fact that each element is square, logo animation can be assembled more than once, add different icons, direct attention to the necessary services or company news.​

and usability

Full range of services in action, as a clear example of possible designs.

One can watch endlessly how complex projects are dismantled, worked and assembled.

Logo can be collected whatever, it doesn't have to be should be the same for all stories and events.

In one situation there are three monitors and sound, in another only video direction.

Playful and resourceful combinations of additional icons help to easily and clearly describe a special set of services in each case.

Animation of icons delivers communication as quickly as possible and by affordable means.


Any situation or event is easily played up with a simple combination of appropriate icons.

07 - Logo transformation, simple setup.
08 - Logo variation.
Six large cameras, two gopros,
mixers, consoles and speakers.
09 - Logo variation.
The sound is a little more serious,
there are more cameras,
complex stream.
10 - Unpacked for a party. Fireworks, a turntable performer,
and a couple of security cameras.
11 - And such evenings happen at the company.