Artist, designer, director Ivan Pandikidis works with Multimedia Imagemaking,VFX & photorealistic simulations, CGI research and development.

Only lovers left alive / upcoming art series


creative / art direction + screenplay
camera + editing + color
graphic design
objects + video + heart in fire
abstract oil paintings
/ photography
/ dynamic brand identity concept
/ dynamic brand identity + art direction
Kolo Live Show
3D animated identity
Hearty project
lighting + shading
rendering + post
Nothing is perfect
VFX shorts
oil paintings
creative / art direction + VFX
lighting + shading + post
Dream Technique
naming + dynamic identity
3D visualizations + graphic design

Random Case

3D animated identity

brand identity
Ideas of any shape
dynamic brand identity
live DJ set
Granat Yoga
dynamic brand identity
industrial design
Marble & Granite
dynamic brand dentity
RND + simulation + VFX

brand identity + web design

Granat Yoga
screenplay + direction
screenplay + direction + set design
Studio Sol
Prvrzva Phorography
personal identity + web design
5'nizza anniversary
identity + 3D sculpting
3D visualization + merch
Trxtrs Music Band
identity + 3D visualization
identity + packaging + 3D visuals
Gazzon Art Platform
identity + 3D sculpting
+ 3D visualization
promo identity
web design + stationery
The And
graphic design
5'nizza — Anniversary 3CD reissue edition.
graphic design + 3D visualizations
Sunsay — self-titled album
graphic design + illustrations
Acoustic Quartet — Anticipation of new
3D visuals + graphic design
Jazzgun — Suite about sins
graphic design
Jazzgun — Red Dragon
graphic design
Jazzgun — Suite about sins
graphic design
web design