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In October 2019, my friend Alyona Vorobyova @magainweb was diagnosed with cancer. During this illness, in the fight for her life, she kept a diary, which with the help of friends turned into an art book "The Art of Living During Chemotherapy".

In November 2021, Alyona turned to me to design an identity for her new cultural project "The Art of Living". In addition to the graphic part, it was necessary to make a video. I decided to shoot a series of video works to illustrate the main idea. The idea was simple, with the help of dance to describe all this winding path called the art of living. For this work we teamed up with Sasha Shay @sasha_shaay - he was the main inspiration for me. We have gathered a lot of metaphors, images and story lines of development. To work out these ideas, we gathered for rehearsals at the base of the Theater "Neft" @teatr.neft, which I recorded on video.

On February 24, 2022, Russia came to Ukraine with a war, and the lives of many of us changed radically.

This video was recorded and edited in December 2021. This is one of the first drafts, hastily assembled from the materials of the first rehearsal. All the materials we filmed then can now be very appropriate for describing what is felt and happening to each of the Ukrainians now (but this is not accurate).

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!
Music: The Alchemist - The Cold

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